12" pizzas for delivery and collection on  Tuesdays

Mighty Deal 

14” Mighty pizza, chicken strips, garlic bread with mozzarella & two drinks.
All for just £20!


Thrifty Thursdays

Two pizzas and two sides for only £20.

Weekly Deals

Call 01538 385800

Three course deal for £9.99

Choose one starter, one 10" pizza and one side.

Starters:  Marinated olives, dough balls, garlic bread, garlic bread with mozzarella, bruschetta or creamy mushrooms

Pizzas: Margherita, vegetarian, vegan, quattro formaggi, Fiorentina, caramelised onions & goats cheese, pepperoni, hot pepperoni, ham & mushrooms, hawaii, diavola, chicken & sweetcorn, hot chicken, four seasons, North Italy or Napoli

Sides: Three chicken strips, three halloumi fries, mixed salad, chips or Caprese salad

Stuffed crust Deal

12” stuffed crust with mozzarella pizza, chips strips, choice between 3 chicken strips, halumi fry or mozzarella stick  £16.99  or £21.99 for a 14" mighty stuffed crust with mozzarella

Friday & Saturday deal: 

order before 5.3 pm for a 20% off on pizzas or wait till 8 pm and all the deals are available (3-course deal, mighty deal, stuffed crust deal, i love mozzarella deal or 20% off pizzas)


1 Garlic pizza bread (with mozzarella), 3 mozzarella sticks, chips & chicken strips covered in mozzarella!