Alberto was born and raised near Lake Garda, where he grew up in a family where cooking and enjoying food was at centre of family time.  While running her beauty salon, Alberto's mama was still cooking lunch and dinner and both of his nonnas always prepared delicious food when he visited them.

 Alberto's mama taught him the importance of fresh food, frequently buying fresh food from the local farmer.


But Alberto's passion isn't just food but also to travel.  After 6 years in Asia he decided to come to England for a couple of years but fell in love with the English culture and lifestyle.

When Alberto arrived in England in 2014, with help of his nonna, he bought a pizza van and travelled to festivals and catered for private parties all over the south of England. He has realised the frantic lifestyle of London and surrounding areas is not for him and wants to enjoy a better quality of life in the beautiful countryside surrounding Leek. This next adventure with the restaurant is something Alberto has been dreaming of for a very long time.   

Ogni bene!